Meal Planning Monday, and ‘Carb Nite’- 19 March 2012

Been off this for a few weeks- think I got a bit repetitive with the meals and couldn’t face ‘ditto’ blogging.

All change for now though- trying my first fad diet- so I’ll try and talk about the experience a bit.

The diet we’re on is called ‘Carb Nite’ and is a variation on Atkins that claims to have all sorts of scientific evidence- I’m sceptical of that, but friends seem to be losing weight with it- so we thought it was worth a try.

The diet starts with a 9 and a half day carbohydrate fast- less than 30g of carbs per day (the equivalent of two slices of toast), then you get an evening of carb feeding- as much as you want, before settling into a routine of one ‘ Carb Nite’ per week, with carbohydrate fasts for the other 6 and a half. (You can move the Carb Nite- but must have at least 4 clear days between them.

The difficult thing about the diet is the lack of carbs- obviously sugar and anything floury or starchy is out, but also bulk sweeteners, and milk is surprisingly high in sugars (a pint is your daily allowance gone).

The Good thing is that Fat and Protein is allowed- and fats are encouraged (supposedly to get your body used to breaking down fats so it will consume your fat reserves more easily). It’s amazing how good food can taste when you throw butter, cream and cheese at  the problem! 😉

To be fair, there are days when you get fed up of fat- but one thing I’m learning is how much I used to rely on carbs as filler- often nutritionally void other than the calories- so I’m learning to eat a lot more vegetables- but not root ones- which are all pretty sugary really.

The author does remind you that this isn;t a lifestyle- it’s something to do to lose fat (rather than weight)- and you should limit to 6 month burst- I’m planning on 2-3 months to see how we do for a holiday at the en of May- as of cycle one I’ve lost 5 lbs in 9 days- some of which will be water-but we’ll see how it goes for a couple more weeks- I’ve not made any lifestyle changes yet, so that’s not a bad start.

Breakfasts are mainly egg-based- bacon and eggs, omelette, hard boiled with cold cuts, and lunches are similar- cold meat, cheese. hard boiled egg, leafy salad, olives- lots of childhood tastes- Laughing cow, babybel etc…

So- before I ramble on too long- here are the evening meals for the week….

Sunday: Low carb meatloaf with Cauliflower Puree and Bacon Cabbage

Monday: Chicken with Boursin, broccoli and asparagus

Tuesady: Ditto Monday- on my own so doubling up

Wednesday: Low carb Sausage Casserole, broccoli and fine beans

Thursday: Pork Chops with Mustardy Cheese sauce, fine beans, asparagus and cabbage

Friday: Carb Nite

Saturday: Gammon, Mustardy sauce and veg

Recipes to follow- it’s mostly pretty simple, but I’ll get them recorded for me if nothing else..

  1. #1 by Lauren - Big Eejit on March 20, 2012 - 6:50 pm

    Sounds like you are still able to enjoy really tasty meals, the chicken with boursin sounds delicious!

    • #2 by ninebob on March 20, 2012 - 7:27 pm

      Thanks Lauren- it’s such a stupidly simple idea- always makes me think of rubber chicken chrismas parties, but done at home it seems to really work.

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